En Plein Air Ateliers stand as a testament to the timeless tradition
of outdoor artistry, reigniting the appreciation for painting in nature
within our modern society.

With their harmonious blend of artistic expression and natural wonder, these ateliers become a canvas for creativity and a sanctuary of inspiration.
Welcome to En Plein Air Ateliers, where the beauty of nature breathes life into art, and every stroke of the brush becomes an ode to the world.
EPAA Class A v3 model (1/8), handmade, single casting mold, C30/37 4 mm grain concrete, 5 + 10mm reinforced threaded steel frame @ 150/175 Kg _ 71,5 x 65 x 209 cm _ 2021_ ©

Each stroke of the brush becomes a dialogue with nature, and every artwork tells a unique story that resonates with the hearts of those who behold it.

EPA v2 model “prototype” _ handmade, single vertical casting mold, C30/37 12 mm grain concrete, triple 3mm iron wire @ 100 Kg , plotted reliëf concrete surface _ 65 x 65 x 205 cm _ 2020 _ On show @ CBK Amsterdam during the 2020 exhibition “De Toekomst” _ ©
EPA v1 model “prototype” _ handmade, triple horizontal casting mold, C30/37 12 mm grain concrete, 8mm nut thread and aluminium frame @ 85 Kg _ 65 x 65 x 205 cm _ 2020 _ ©

As artists breathe life
into their masterpieces

amidst the gentle breeze and rustling leaves, a magical
connection forms between creator and creation.